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How We Can Help

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We Empower Families to Navigate Difficult Changes and Create New Beginnings

We’re called Empowered Family Law for a reason.

When you come to us with a family law matter, we make you an active participant in the outcome. Attorney Kristine McCulloch understands that you are embarking on a new personal journey, albeit one with a difficult beginning, and will explain your rights so that you can confidently work toward a solution.

Our areas of practice include:

  • Addiction Support: Are you filing for divorce because your spouse is struggling with addiction? Or are you dealing with addiction yourself? We have a unique perspective on how this complicates the divorce process.  Let us help.
  • Mediation: We will guide you in mediating your family law matter to a faster resolution tailored to your family’s needs.
  • Family Law: Attorney Kristine McCulloch guides clients through divorce, child custody, and beyond, with a special focus on mediation.
What Makes Empowered Family Law Different?

We are proactive and committed to our clients. We show you how to find strength when you or your family are facing legal challenges and use it to build a strong and positive future. 

We care. While many other law firms focus solely on your case, Empowered Family Law cares about your wellbeing. Our goal is to provide you with the best legal representation, and to provide you with the resources to thrive in your unexpected new beginning. 

We provide you with options. We believe in zealous but thoughtful advocacy. We will always fight for you, which often means helping you find resolution through negotiation, mediation, and other strategies that emphasize communication and cooperation. 

With Empowered Family Law, you get an advocate who sees difficulties as opportunities for growth and emphasizes healing and problem-solving no matter how challenging your case. We’ve been where you are now, and we’re here to listen. To schedule a confidential consultation with our office in Mobile, Alabama, please contact us today.

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Latest Blogs

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These ladies are “different class” as we say in England. Krissy provided expert, sober legal counsel. Colleen became not only my legal counselor b…
Matthew Bagot
Krissy is the best! She is completely professional, bull dog, on top of the facts, well organized and trusted with the courts!! She got me exactly wha…
Carl Bettis
Deciding to file for a divorce from a 30-year marriage has been the most difficult decision and process of my life. Krissy’s guidance, preparedness a…
Beth Donivan
From the beginning, I received straightforward, beneficial advice and support. While my expectations for the outcome of my case changed from the begin…
Kenley B.
I will be forever grateful to Kristine McCulloch and her team for what they were able to do for me and my child. Every step of the way, Krissy and her…
Joseph Lennicx
I am very grateful that I met Krissy, she has represented me for some 12 years now. Krissy has supported me, been a wonderful advocate and in addition…
Murray Farmer
Kristine is great! She actually wants what’s best for your kids and to help you make it happen. I dropped a terrible attorney who just wanted the mone…
Mommy's Kitchen Creations
I hired Krissy to represent me in a difficult divorce/child custody case. I felt that Krissy truly cared about my case and devoted her time and atten…
Jill Lyon

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