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3 Considerations For Custody & Visitation In Alabama

You need reliable and trusted legal counsel if you are about to begin (or are in the middle of) the divorce process. Though you and your former spouse are dissolving your marriage, your roles as parents will continue forever.

At Empowered Family Law, we always work towards you being able to spend quality time with your children. Call Empowered Family Law today at (251) 277-2885 to book your consultation. 

(1) Joint Legal Custody 

  • Joint legal custody is connected with making decisions for the child (e.g., medical, education, and religion).
  • The court must consider this as its first option because there is a presumption that having two involved, healthy parents in the child’s best interest.

(2) Parenting Time 

  • Whereas legal custody pertains to decision-making, physical custody refers to where the child resides. 
  • When one parent is awarded custody, the other parent will have visitation rights or parenting time (if it is in the child’s best interest).
  • Abandonment and domestic violence could have an impact on child custody. It is best to speak to an attorney about your specific circumstances. 

(3) Attorneys & Alabama

  • Your custody options may be unique to which county you live in. For example, parents may receive joint legal custody in one area, but with one parent having sole physical custody, and the other parent then receiving that judge’s “standard” visitation. Standard visitation can vary from county to county, and even from judge to judge within the same county.
  • With your attorney, you can still negotiate other methods to include “true joint custody.”

Empowered Family Law

Why do we practice family law? Because we understand how complicated this process can be for people. Empowered Family Law wants to help you find your new beginning. We have a network of therapists and resources to help you with some of the hurdles you will face outside of the legal aspect of your case.

Your future is important to us too. Call Empowered Family Law today at (251) 277-2885 to book your consultation.

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