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Addiction is Affecting my Family

Support for Individuals and Families Dealing With Addiction

If you are divorcing someone who suffers from addiction or are struggling to overcome an addiction yourself, you know firsthand how difficult and painful this illness can be, not only for you but also your children. 

So do we. That’s why we’re here to help. 

Addiction can create some extremely difficult situations for families and, in some cases, divorce is the best option for you, your children, and possibly your spouse. We applaud you for having the strength and courage to rise above a highly emotional situation, and are here to help you make the process a little less painful.


How Do I Know When It’s Time to Leave?

People often wonder when it’s finally time to leave an addicted spouse, and there’s no easy answer. It all depends on your situation. However, there are some common signs that it may be time to leave, such as if your spouse has:

  • Refused to seek help or sought help but has relapsed
  • Become physically and/or verbally abusive
  • Abused drugs or alcohol in front of the children
  • Has lost employment due to their substance abuse
  • Isolated you from friends and family members

When these issues have reached the point that you fear for your safety, it is time to consider leaving.

How Do I Protect My Children?

Children are aware of more than they let on. Older kids and teens will have a general understanding of substance abuse and even younger children will sense that something is wrong, although they may struggle to understand why Mom or Dad behaves in a certain way.

Helping you find ways to keep your children safe beyond your divorce is one of our primary goals.  We will arm you with the knowledge you need and help you find an option that works for your family.

It is important to note that these are only interim measures. If your spouse refuses to get help, the best way to protect the children is by removing them from the situation.

Where Can I Find Resources for Addiction?

The Empowered Family Law website has an addiction resources page where you can find support for families impacted by addiction. These resources can help you recognize the early signs of addiction, understand treatment options, and protect yourself if the situation escalates.

Are You Ready to Take the First Step?

When you are ready to speak to an attorney, please reach out to Empowered Family Law. We will arrange a completely confidential consultation and help you move forward. Attorney Kristine McCulloch is highly sensitive to the impact that divorce may have on you and your spouse and will provide the guidance you need to move past this difficult stage in your life.