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3 Considerations For Custody & Visitation In Alabama

You need reliable and trusted legal counsel if you are about to begin (or are in the middle of) the divorce process. Though you and your former spouse are dissolving your marriage, your roles as parents will continue forever. At Empowered Family Law, we always work towards you being able to spend quality time with your children. Call Empowered Family Law today at (251) 277-2885 to book your consultation.  (1) Joint Read More

4 Ways to Protect Your Assets Before (and After) a Marriage

If you are preparing for a marriage, there are methods in which you can protect your assets prior to your wedding—such as signing a prenuptial agreement. If you have questions regarding how to create one and are ready to speak with a professional attorney, contact us today to schedule a consultation.     How To Prepare Before Marriage Prenuptial Agreements - A prenuptial agreement is nothing to be Read More

Can I Relocate After My Divorce?

At Empowered Family Law, we believe that divorce is about new beginnings—and you deserve one as well. Contact us today if you have further questions about relocating or have received notice that your former spouse intends to move. Let’s find the solution that fits you and your family. The Challenges You Face If your divorce includes an order dealing with custody and visitation of your children, what happens Read More

4 Ways To Tell if Addiction is Affecting Your Family

When someone is struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol, their family is directly affected. It is normal to feel isolated or ashamed about addiction, but it is so common in divorce proceedings. It affects more people than you realize. The most important thing is to make sure that everyone is safe and has access to the help they need. If addiction is affecting your family, contact Empowered Family Law, PC Read More

Looking For an Associate Attorney

Family Law Firm Seeking a Full-Time Associate Are you a rock star attorney with litigation experience? Do you want to work at a firm where your work really matters? This is not the typical small law firm! Our entrepreneurial law firm is small enough that everyone is a critical part of the team, yet big enough to offer the security and flexibility you want. Work where you know the Owner, have daily interaction Read More

Hiring a Senior Paralegal

Do you want to help people who are in a difficult and life-altering situation? Do you want to fight for someone else’s rights and fairness? We are an entrepreneurial family law firm that is on track for aggressive growth and we need an experienced paralegal to join our team and be a total superstar – working directly with the owner to support the team and help our clients. We want to be known for helping our Read More

4 Financial Steps You Need To Take to Prepare for Life After Divorce

If you are headed for a divorce, you need to be making preparations for your post-divorce financial life. Whether you have a job or not, whether you have kids or not, whether you live in an apartment or a mansion, you need to be taking financial steps towards your post-divorce life as early as possible.  If you’re not sure where to start with your finances, call Empowered Family Law today at (251) 277-2885 to Read More

Can I Move Out During an Alabama Divorce?

Sometimes divorces seem to come from nowhere. Even if they were building for years, it can feel like one day you are living in a house with your spouse and the next day you are living in a house with your ex. At the end of the divorce process, a legally binding ruling will be made on who gets to keep what property. Until then, is it normal to still live with your spouse during the divorce process? Can you legally Read More

How to Help Kids Adjust to Summer Visitation

In Mobile County, a common parenting plan finds one parent taking care of the kids most of the time (the custodial parent,) and regularly visiting the other parent (known accordingly as the non-custodial parent.) During the school year, children with standard visitation will stay with the visiting parent approximately eight nights per month. In the summer, however, everything changes. Under our local courts’ Read More

How Are Child Support and Alimony Calculated in Alabama?

Divorce brings many life changes, but some of the hardest are financial. Most couples’ major concern, after the custody of their children, is what financial changes the divorce will bring. Since it is different for each family and situation, today we are looking at how child support and alimony are calculated in Alabama. Child support is money paid from one parent to the other to be used for the care of their Read More