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Empowered Family Law Sponsors an Event That Benefits Lifelines Counseling Services

The event is Saturday, April 17th at 9:45am We're proud to sponsor an event that benefits Lifelines Counseling Services! Read More

I Don’t Want My Divorce to Go to Trial. What Are My Options?

Divorces are emotionally draining for everyone, but they are also often expensive and lengthy. We hear from plenty of people who need to get a divorce but don’t want to go to a family court and undergo an entire divorce trial. They want to know if there are other options available to them. At Empowered Family Law, PC, we applaud this attitude. The best option available to couples is mediation. When a divorcing Read More

How Does Holiday Visitation Actually Work?

In Mobile, March or April will be the time for your child’s Spring Break. That means it is time to think about holiday visitation again. Although most parents tend to think about it over Christmas and New Year’s, holiday visitation happens throughout the entire year. Many parents have questions about what their order means and how this interplays with the other parent’s regular visitation.  At Empowered Family Law, Read More

What Can You Do If Addiction is Affecting Your Marriage?

This year, the Mobile Lawyer Wellness Committee is participating in Dry January. Almost everyone has had some sort of experience with substance abuse, whether personally or through their friends and family. Dry January is a way for us to make time individually to take stock of our own lives and how alcohol affects us. At Empowered Family Law, we know this issue may be close to your heart. More than twenty-four Read More

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