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How to Build a Support System for Your Divorce

It's important to remember that you don't have to go through it alone. Building a support system during a divorce can give you the emotional, practical, and legal help you need. A Divorcee’s Needs Outside of Legal Support You need more than legal assistance when you're going through a divorce. Emotional and practical support are also crucial. Emotional support helps you deal with the many feelings that come with Read More

Parenting Time During A Pending Divorce

Parents going through a divorce must address how they will share time with their children. This process often starts with court-issued guidelines that simplify arrangements and reduce conflicts. However, standard solutions don't always address every family's specific needs, which makes it important to understand when and why deviations from these norms might be necessary. Because there can be a lot of tension and Read More

Should You Stay In Your Home During The Divorce Process?

The decision to remain in your home during a divorce is complex. Living together during a divorce is very hard and will inevitably lead to tension; however, leaving introduces new challenges. This is a common question, and it’s another significant decision point in an already difficult period. It’s essential to have a clear understanding of the law and how your choices could influence the outcome of your Read More

What Is Discovery & Why Is It Necessary?

Going through a divorce or post-divorce litigation involves many steps, but one of the most crucial is the discovery process. During this phase, both sides work to uncover the facts that may impact the outcome of the case. This phase is extensive and often feels overwhelming, due to the depth and breadth of information required. No one enjoys this process; it's invasive, time-consuming, and emotionally taxing. Read More

Alimony: Understanding Your Rights and Responsibilities

Alimony or spousal support is a frequent point of contention in divorces yet most people don’t fully understand how it’s determined. This article is an exploration of alimony in Alabama, and will examine its various forms, how it is calculated, and the eligibility criteria. Understanding alimony is as relevant to the person paying as it is to the person receiving it. It has a direct impact on your quality of life Read More

Understanding the Process of Modifying Child Support Orders

Your life after a divorce doesn’t remain stagnant, so the court orders you receive at the time of your divorce shouldn’t either. These subsequent changes in your life often affect child support arrangements. Both parents and children may face situations and challenges that necessitate an adjustment in child support. Parents should know when and how these modifications can be made to foster an environment that Read More

The Impact of Extramarital Affairs During Divorce Proceedings

Extramarital affairs, while deeply personal, can have direct consequences during divorce proceedings in Alabama. Infidelity brings unique challenges in Alabama because it can indirectly and directly affect everything from custody decisions to financial settlements. The goal of this discussion is to elaborate further on when and how extramarital affairs influence divorce proceedings. We will focus on custody, economic Read More

Timelines For Divorce Processes In Alabama

The decision to get a divorce should never be taken lightly. Even when you finally know that ending your marriage is right for you and your children, the decision will be very emotional. Anyone who has gone through it will attest to how much it affects multiple aspects of their life, including their emotional stamina, financial strain, and family dynamics. If you're navigating this difficult journey in Alabama, Read More

How Is Child Support Determined In Alabama?

Divorce and separation lead to a series of complex emotions and decisions. They are often accompanied by several questions and concerns about how child support works, how it is determined, and the ramifications of not paying it. At Empowered Family Law, we navigate you through these waters with legal understanding and a holistic approach to healing families. Our dedication to fostering connections and mitigating Read More

Healing From Addiction’s Impact On Families: Empowered Steps Forward

Addiction brings forth a significant amount of pain, confusion, and chaos into a family’s life. Sadly, the individual who battles addiction pulls this into the home, and each family member feels it. It is important to remember that addiction is a shared trauma. It has a unique ability to fracture bonds and deteriorate trust. During these battles, many families can feel isolated, too. Friends, members of the Read More