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An Insider’s Tips For An Uncontested Divorce

Can you go through a divorce without fighting? The simple answer is:  yes.  When you choose to dissolve your marriage, there will always be a lot of emotions tied to this decision. Although it is ok to be upset and frustrated, it is not wise to let these feelings control your divorce process. From both personal and professional perspectives, we understand how challenging that is.  Finding Your Resolution Even though Read More

Summertime Visitation Schedules

Before school lets out for the summer, it’s a good idea for divorced parents to review their court orders setting out custody and visitation. Summer visitation will likely necessitate a change in the patterns and routines of the school year. It will help you and the other parent to plan ahead for holiday visitation, as well as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Imagine a scenario where the mother is the primary Read More

Filing Taxes During A Divorce

You and your spouse’s lives became entangled during your marriage. Dividing your assets, debts, and working through custody issues are some obvious prerequisites for dissolving your marriage. Taxes, however, may get overlooked until it’s your time to file them. Many divorcing couples ask about whether they should file jointly or separately. The answer to that question first depends on whether your divorce has been Read More

Dividing Property During A Divorce

You’re getting a divorce. The future you had envisioned for yourself will look different than you had anticipated. That is why so many people ask about what happens to their property (and how it gets divided) during a divorce. Feeling a significant amount of anxiety or tension about this is understandable. You may have most of your money invested in your home. Most likely, you have an emotional attachment to it, Read More

Your Guide To A PFA (Protection From Abuse)

Everyone deserves to feel safe, especially when they are in their homes. In Alabama, a Protection From Abuse Order (PFA) is for this purpose. They are meant to safeguard you from actual or attempted violent acts from a spouse or partner that you live with. These can be any crime against you or your children. The following are examples of situations that could warrant a PFA: Assault  Child Read More

3 Considerations For Custody & Visitation In Alabama

You need reliable and trusted legal counsel if you are about to begin (or are in the middle of) the divorce process. Though you and your former spouse are dissolving your marriage, your roles as parents will continue forever. At Empowered Family Law, we always work towards you being able to spend quality time with your children. Call Empowered Family Law today at (251) 277-2885 to book your consultation.  (1) Joint Read More

4 Ways to Protect Your Assets Before (and After) a Marriage

If you are preparing for a marriage, there are methods in which you can protect your assets prior to your wedding—such as signing a prenuptial agreement. If you have questions regarding how to create one and are ready to speak with a professional attorney, contact us today to schedule a consultation.     How To Prepare Before Marriage Prenuptial Agreements - A prenuptial agreement is nothing to be Read More

Can I Relocate After My Divorce?

At Empowered Family Law, we believe that divorce is about new beginnings—and you deserve one as well. Contact us today if you have further questions about relocating or have received notice that your former spouse intends to move. Let’s find the solution that fits you and your family. The Challenges You Face If your divorce includes an order dealing with custody and visitation of your children, what happens Read More

4 Ways To Tell if Addiction is Affecting Your Family

When someone is struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol, their family is directly affected. It is normal to feel isolated or ashamed about addiction, but it is so common in divorce proceedings. It affects more people than you realize. The most important thing is to make sure that everyone is safe and has access to the help they need. If addiction is affecting your family, contact Empowered Family Law, PC Read More

4 Financial Steps You Need To Take to Prepare for Life After Divorce

If you are headed for a divorce, you need to be making preparations for your post-divorce financial life. Whether you have a job or not, whether you have kids or not, whether you live in an apartment or a mansion, you need to be taking financial steps towards your post-divorce life as early as possible.  If you’re not sure where to start with your finances, call Empowered Family Law today at (251) 277-2885 to Read More