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Tax Considerations For Selling Your House During A Divorce

During a divorce, which is an emotional challenge in its own right, you will likely have to divide one of the most significant assets: the marital home. During this time, it is essential not to overlook the potential tax implications of selling a home during a divorce. It’s important to be intentional and deliberate when it comes to selling your home. Take the proper steps now to set yourself up for the future.  For Read More

What To Expect When You Go To Court

Many people associate the divorce process with going in front of a judge and being told what their futures will look like. Although you will learn in this blog how atypical that is, we understand how daunting the prospect of going to court can be for anyone. This could be your first experience being the subject of a court case. During these times, it is important that you have a supportive legal team.  Empowered Read More

Protecting Yourself From An Abusive Spouse

Empowered Family Law P.C. is dedicated to supporting and guiding abuse survivors. People who experience violence in the home are often ashamed to acknowledge it to others. It is so important for victims to understand what to do and how to protect themselves. Not all abuse is physical. In this blog, we will discuss the different forms of abuse, how to seek help, and we will also outline the dangers associated with Read More

Will My Children Have To Testify In My Divorce Case?

A divorce marks the end of your marriage, but it has little to do with your ability to be the parent your children need. Even if you have shared physical custody of your children, you can develop an extremely strong bond with your kids that could last a lifetime. Great parents are selfless, focusing on their children even when going through something as emotionally complex as divorce.  When people envision the Read More

How Should I Proceed If I Suspect My Spouse Is Cheating?

Though many states still consider adultery a crime, it is doubtful that you would ever be charged and sentenced because of it, regardless of where you live. However, it is important to remember that even though it may not put you in jail, infidelity can impact your divorce process. This is important to know, especially if you are the one who suspects the other spouse of engaging in it.  Before continuing, we should Read More

Mastering The Transitions

Throughout our lives, we tend to view others as having it easier than we do. We hear about athletes' and actors' salaries and assume they don’t live with the same uncertainty and doubt we carry around. When we drive past houses larger than ours or ones with a better view, we assume they are happier than us. Everyone struggles, regardless of the assets they possess. Granted, people’s challenges may differ in degree in Read More

Maintaining A Healthy Relationship With Your Kids After A Divorce

How often have you heard people say they choose to stay in a failing marriage for their children’s sake? One of the most prominent fallacies of that statement is the assumption that your kids are better off living in a house with two people who are fundamentally different from one another. The way to progress is through sacrifice and discomfort, and these people are choosing to avoid the short-term element of pain Read More

Advice For Getting Divorced From A Narcissist

When you are in a relationship with a narcissist, you are tied to someone with an inflated sense of themselves, and they usually hide the fact that they have very low self-esteem. During a disagreement, they will refuse to be wrong, and they may even recreate past events to fit their argument, all while insisting you are the one who is mistaken. Imagine looking at a blue table. The narcissist may insist that it is Read More

Divorce Isn’t The End

After your spouse tells you they want a divorce, the days and months that follow can be one of the most challenging experiences of your life. Typically, the people who do well are the ones who have mentally prepared and processed their emotions before asking their spouse for a divorce. For others, they are caught off guard, and it feels like their world is ending. You begin seeing the world through a different filter Read More

Consider Mediation Before Litigation

Although many people associate divorce with a fight, nothing says it has to be that way. Many couples make the conscious decision to come to an agreement without having to put their issues in front of a judge. Some people may make the mistake of thinking that this equates to giving up. Your friends and family may urge you to take your battle to court to get what is rightfully yours. What if there is a better way to Read More