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How Does Holiday Visitation Actually Work?

In Mobile, March or April will be the time for your child’s Spring Break. That means it is time to think about holiday visitation again. Although most parents tend to think about it over Christmas and New Year’s, holiday visitation happens throughout the entire year. Many parents have questions about what their order means and how this interplays with the other parent’s regular visitation.  At Empowered Family Law, we believe in making things as clear as possible for parents.

Holiday visitation is incorporated into your visitation order most of the time, whether you specifically request it or not.  It may be something that is the same every year, or it may alternate each year.

Holiday visitation always takes precedence over your regular visitation schedule. It does not pause the schedule or set it back. If it is normally your weekend to have the children, and your order states that your spouse has them over a specific holiday, it will be their weekend instead of yours. The holiday schedule always overrides the regular one.

If it is the other party’s regular weekend, and then their holiday visitation, they will still receive their following, regular weekend instead of pushing the schedule back.  We understand that this can be frustrating and sad the first couple of years.  Give yourself the space and grace to adjust to your new normal at your own speed.

If you have an issue or dispute over visitation, make sure to document it in writing over the holidays. It is very important to record, take notes, and communicate in writing when possible to assist your attorney. It is equally important not to escalate any arguments with the other parent over the actual break. There is nothing that can be done about the holiday visitation schedule while you are in the middle of it. Don’t panic! Your attorney will help you resolve any issues after the holiday, but it is a losing battle to act in any way that results in conflict with your former spouse, especially in front of your children.

If you have any questions about your child custody, or are considering going through a divorce, contact Empowered Family Law, PC today. We believe in empowering you with information at every step of the process, so you can make the most informed decisions for your family.

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