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How to Begin Adjusting to Life After Divorce

Life after divorce is a major adjustment. That does not mean that it is a negative change: we find that most people end up happier, healthier, and more fulfilled on the other side of a divorce. That place of peace and healing is where Empowered Family Law, PC wants to help you get to with as little stress as possible. When our clients are beginning to look at life at divorce, there are three subjects we often get asked about: how to handle the financial changes, when it is okay to start dating again, and how to help your blended family adjust to new members.

Financially, you should start by determining your new individual income and adjusting the expenses in your life to an appropriate level. This will probably start with looking at housing options. If you were on your spouse’s healthcare plan during your marriage, you will now have to find a new healthcare plan. You will also have to decide whether certain expenses for your children are worth the cost, such as sending them to private school instead of free public school. You will find that certain expenses you used to enjoy you don’t mind living without at all as you adjust to a new independent financial lifestyle.  Letting go of things you believed you “needed” is actually very freeing.

When it comes to dating, people always want to know if they can start dating again during the divorce proceedings. Since some divorces take upwards of a year to be finalized, we understand the natural desire for companionship. Our answer is that we do not recommend it. While it may not legally be considered adultery, it may cause problems for you legally during an already difficult time. It is also emotionally taxing on your children. We know that it is hard, but it is important to be completely free of the divorce process before you consider starting a new relationship.

When enough time has passed and you are ready to start a new relationship, we get a lot of questions about blended families. They can be great! Stepparents can be a positive influence on your children and a wonderful addition to their lives. The important part is simply to take it slow. It is even harder for your children to adjust to life changes than it is for adults. You can see how they respond and help adjust to their pace. Family therapy is also a great option for understanding everyone’s emotions and coming closer as a family. Blended families can be wonderful for everyone involved, but they just take time to grow.

When it comes to self-care in life after divorce, it is much the same as life before: taking time for yourself, meeting changes as they come, caring for your family, and appreciating the beauty that is all around you. At Empowered Family Law, PC, we empower families to navigate difficult changes and create new beginnings. Contact Empowered Family Law, PC today for help no matter where you are on your divorce journey. We are always proactive and committed to our clients!

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