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I Don’t Want My Divorce to Go to Trial. What Are My Options?

Divorces are emotionally draining for everyone, but they are also often expensive and lengthy. We hear from plenty of people who need to get a divorce but don’t want to go to a family court and undergo an entire divorce trial. They want to know if there are other options available to them. At Empowered Family Law, PC, we applaud this attitude.

The best option available to couples is mediation. When a divorcing couple chooses mediation, they have an opportunity to work out the terms of their divorce between themselves. The two spouses will meet with an impartial mediator who knows the divorce process and what needs to be included in a finalized divorce agreement. The mediator will help them address all the issues they need to and work with them to make sure that they are both heard.

One of the great advantages of mediation is that it enables you to retain a personal voice in the outcome of your divorce. If you go to trial, the final decision about the custody of your children, your financial future, and the ownership of your property is decided by a judge. You lose the personal control you have over your own future. Mediation lets your own voice be heard.

Another important advantage of mediation is that it can be finalized much quicker than a trial. If you are successful in your mediation, you can finish the main process of your divorce after a single day. Divorces that go to trial typically take over a year to be finalized. Mediation decreases your stress levels in the long-term and the short-term, getting you through the divorce process much faster.

Of course, mediation is a voluntary process. In order to do it, both spouses must be willing to talk it out. It is important to remember that mediation does not mean you are giving up on fighting for your future. It is simply a more peaceful way to work out your family situation like adults. We believe in getting people what they deserve, but only fighting when it is absolutely necessary. Mediation is a superb way to minimize damage along the way on your journey to peace.

One of the very few positive side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is mediation is now a much more accessible option for families. In Mobile, there are now a plethora of certified mediators who were able to train during quarantine. At Empowered Family Law, PC, we are certified to mediate in all family cases. This includes delicate situations such as domestic violence, which most mediators are not able to cover. No matter your family situation, mediation is a peaceful, fair, and faster route to resolving your divorce case outside of the court system.

At Empowered Family Law, PC, we empower families to navigate difficult changes and create new beginnings. We’ve seen those new beginnings come so much quicker and healthier when couples are willing to do mediation. If you are ready to talk to someone who cares about your divorce options, contact Empowered Family Law, PC today. We are happy to offer our zealous but thoughtful advocacy to your family.

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