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Services Available at Empowered Family Law

Empowered Family Law is dedicated to providing holistic solutions for your family law matter. Areas of practice include:

  • Divorce: If you are considering divorce or have already decided to file, we will provide you with zealous advocacy in your case.  We will also provide you with options to make the process less adversarial through cooperative strategies like mediation, if that is right for you. We also recognize that the consequences of divorce are often difficult and will recommend resources that help you and your children heal.
  • Child Custody: We believe in aiming for child-focused solutions in matters involving custody and support. Attorney Kristine McCulloch supports the transition of divorce or by helping you create a co-parenting arrangement that works for your family.
  • Other Family Law Matters:  Post-divorce litigation, uncontested adoptions, Juvenile Court matters.

Family Law Matters Are More Than Legal

Despite the name, family law is more than a legal discipline. It also involves intense emotions that should be gently addressed and managed so that everyone involved can focus on the best outcome for the entire family.  At Empowered Family Law, we ruthlessly fight for you, while also helping you find alternatives whenever possible. For more information about how we can help you, contact us today.