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More Than A Family Law Attorney

For those who have been divorced or are going through it, think about how you felt when you first realized your marriage was ending. There is an overwhelming feeling of uncertainty and confusion. The life you had envisioned for yourself no longer exists, and in its place are doubt and worry. During our marriages, we were all part of a team. After it ends, we are alone, and it is a persistent feeling. 

These are the people we live to help; it’s why we are called Empowered Family Law. We have firsthand experience with the issues you face, and our goal is to empower you so you can begin to write the next chapter of your life. 

Beyond the Legal Realm

Married couples share responsibilities. After a divorce, many people discover they have never had to create a budget, go through the home-buying alone, or contact a specific doctor when their kids are sick because their spouse handled it. Not only is this common, but people tend to feel unnecessary shame for not being entirely self-sufficient. Although we know how to support these people with their divorce issues, we also recognize that they need more. Our role was to determine what help we could offer beyond the legal realm. If we were the people making decisions, what was going to happen to them when the divorce was finalized? 

Why We Empower Others 

Everyone deserves respect, empathy, and kindness. We have firsthand experience of how difficult a divorce can be and how no one can truly go through it alone. One of our attorneys had to run a law practice and raise her children while also going through a divorce with a spouse battling addiction. We know what you feel like after you know your marriage is ending because we have felt it. There is a better view from the other side of the mountain, and we want to empower you to get there. 

How We Empower Others 

The road to empowerment and self-sufficiency encompasses more than legal advice. Before taking care of others, you must be the best version of yourself. There are physical and mental components involved in achieving this. Look for ways to incorporate physical exercise into your life, and never think twice about reaching out to a mental health professional to help you process your emotions. 

We maintain a list of mental health counselors we trust and would be happy to refer you to one. Furthermore, if you have to manage your finances for the first time, we can assist you with creating a budget. When you’re ready to buy a home, we can connect you with real estate agents in the area. 

Empowered Family Law, P.C. 

At Empowered Family Law, P.C., we want to help you with the challenges your face during a divorce, especially the ones that don’t directly connect to the law. When we are done working together, we want you to have the tools you need to find the success and fulfillment you deserve. Contact us to schedule your consultation for more information about how attorneys can support you during a divorce.

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With Empowered Family Law, you get an advocate who sees difficulties as opportunities for growth and emphasizes healing and problem-solving no matter how challenging your case.

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