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About the Support Staff of Empowered Family Law


Despite never experiencing a divorce, Kimberly has first-hand experience with the issues people face related to family law. This is derived from being the proud stepmother of two wonderful children in addition to her own two children. She developed a passion for helping couples arrive at amicable decisions when she saw her relatives go through a divorce. 

In addition to holding a BS in Paralegal Studies, Kimberly has nine years of experience working with personal injury, insurance defense, and estate planning. Her mindset, dedication, and background make her well suited to the Empowered Family Law team. When not assisting clients, she spends her time with her family and painting.


An Alabama native and seasoned administrative professional with over 28 years of experience in Paralegal work, Public Health Services, and Human Resources.
Having gone through a divorce and experiencing family addiction, Fran holds a deep and abiding regard for helping others. Her personal experiences help to serve Empowered Family Law clients in their time of transition.
When not focusing on Empowered Family Law clients, Fran can be found on her paddle board, cycling, or relaxing with her dog Jazz on the water.


Laura Farmer

Laura Farmer, a dedicated professional, brings her extensive background in executive administration to her role as a Paralegal at our family law firm. Laura’s years of experience in administrative roles have equipped her with a strong foundation for success in her current position. 

Laura’s passion for serving women and families is at the heart of her work. She understands the complexities and challenges that individuals and families face during legal matters, and she is committed to providing the support and guidance they need. Her empathetic and caring nature makes her a valuable asset to our team. 

Laura’s journey to the legal field is driven by her desire to make a positive impact on the lives of those she serves. She is passionate about helping clients navigate family law matters with compassion and expertise. We are fortunate to have Laura as part of our team, where she continues to shine a positive light on our commitment to serving our clients

Beyond her professional dedication, Laura has a creative side, indulging in her love for decorating her midtown Victorian cottage and arranging flowers. In her personal life, Laura is a proud owner of two adorable dachshunds, Charlie and Zuzie, who bring joy and companionship to her daily routine.