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What Do Our Clients Say?

At Empowered Family Law, we sincerely care about our clients, but you don’t have to take our word for it!

This page features testimonials from past and current clients who have shown strength and courage during sometimes-difficult cases. If we can assist you in any way, please contact Empowered Family Law today.

These ladies are “different class” as we say in England. Krissy provided expert, sober legal counsel. Colleen became not only my legal counselor but a personal one as well; indeed, she may even have saved my life on one occasion. Marie joined the fray late on, and was likewise exceptionally professional and supportive. And let’s not forget Fran at the front desk: she offered not only charming assistance along the way but also “free therapy” towards the end of my experience. In all seriousness, I could not have been better served by Empowered Family Law during a hellish period of my life. I recommend them unreservedly.

Matthew Bagot

From the beginning, I received straightforward, beneficial advice and support. While my expectations for the outcome of my case changed from the beginning, I am VERY pleased with today’s end result.
My entire “split” family is in bi-weekly therapy and doing well. My spouse and I have been able to communicate and in a far better position than where we were just five months ago, probably better than the last 13 years.
I am sleeping. I am getting mentally healthy. And I am beyond grateful. As of today, communication has played in our favor and we are committed to co-parenting our child.
And more importantly, as I was told over and over, my kids are transitioning well…which at the end of the day, is all I could ever ask for.
The last couple of months of a divorce are extremely tough, very sad and even dark at times. But in reality, these months were such a small part of an even darker and sadder preceding decade of my life, that none of us would ever wish on our worst enemies.
I commend your team for giving those who have lived on the other side of addiction and abuse a voice, solid direction and support. I am fortunate I was able to pull myself together and find your office earlier this year.
A 1,000 thank you’s will never be enough.

Kenley B.

I will be forever grateful to Kristine McCulloch and her team for what they were able to do for me and my child. Every step of the way, Krissy and her paralegal assistant Colleen were there for me whenever I had questions, issues, or even to vent about the situation I was in. Their professionalism in the courtroom was amazing and I know that played a major role in the decision to go in my favor. Even after everything has been settled they still make themselves available if I have any other questions. Going through court can be a daunting and stressful process but they made sure to shoulder most of the burden and make me feel at ease. So very thankful for what they did!

Joseph Lennicx

Kristine is great! She actually wants what’s best for your kids and to help you make it happen. I dropped a terrible attorney who just wanted the money but never did any work, then thankfully was referred to Kristine by a family friend! She has made a world of difference and her staff are incredibly helpful and caring. It makes a HUGE difference having an attorney like her in your corner!!

Mommy's Kitchen Creations

Deciding to file for a divorce from a 30-year marriage has been the most difficult decision and process of my life. Krissy’s guidance, preparedness and professionalism with the court system was key to our very successful outcome at trial. I highly recommend her as a lawyer and will not hesitate to use her for any of my future needs.

Beth Donivan

Krissy is the best! She is completely professional, bull dog, on top of the facts, well organized and trusted with the courts!! She got me exactly what I wanted and fought to help me and my children! She has an amazing team with Colleen, always answers the phone or emails, and is very prompt and detailed! Thank you so much!!

Carl Bettis

I am very grateful that I met Krissy, she has represented me for some 12 years now. Krissy has supported me, been a wonderful advocate and in addition, she got the results my family needed. Against all odds, my daughter and I are together, and we are both very grateful for Krissy’s services. Krissy gave me excellent advice that was sometimes difficult for me to heed but which was always on the mark. Krissy is an incredibly trustworthy lawyer and business owner, and a super person.

Murray Farmer

I hired Krissy to represent me in a difficult divorce/child custody case. I felt that Krissy truly cared about my case and devoted her time and attention to every detail. Krissy is always professional, knowledgeable, and supportive. I am forever grateful for the work she did for me. I am quick to refer her to people in need of a family law attorney because I am confident that she will provide the same level of representation for them as she did for me.

Jill Lyon