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What Can You Do If Addiction is Affecting Your Marriage?

This year, the Mobile Lawyer Wellness Committee is participating in Dry January. Almost everyone has had some sort of experience with substance abuse, whether personally or through their friends and family. Dry January is a way for us to make time individually to take stock of our own lives and how alcohol affects us. At Empowered Family Law, we know this issue may be close to your heart. More than twenty-four million Americans are addicted to drugs and alcohol, and many of those people are spouses, fathers, and mothers.

At Empowered Family Law, we are committed to removing the shame that is so common with addiction. These types of cases are not the exception in divorce proceedings. They are so common. We believe in shining a light on these issues and addressing them honestly, so the community affected by them can begin to heal. We believe that a divorce affected by addiction does not have to irreparably harm your family, and we will fight to help you reduce the emotional damage for everyone involved.

If you are struggling with addiction, there are many positive ways to deal with the shame that can be placed on you. We always recommend therapy, to each and every person involved in a divorce. Even if you think it may not be right for you, or at least not a pressing matter, you will be surprised at how it can help your life. We also always encourage mediation, which will allow a more personal and private approach to solving divorce issues. There is never any need to be ashamed of where you have found yourself in your life or afraid to ask for help. It is just about working to be better every day and focus on the next right decision. We are happy to work on personalized support options based on your individual case.

If your current or former spouse is struggling with addiction, it is equally important to protect yourself while being honest and supportive about the circumstances. There are more options to personalize visitation for parents struggling with addiction than many people realize. For instance, you can ask that your child’s visitation with your spouse happens at a chosen facility or the home of a trusted friend, rather than their own home. You can also ask for SoberLink, where the struggling parent takes a breathalyzer test both before and after their visitation. There are more requests available and plenty of ways to tailor the visitation experience to your specific needs.

At Empowered Family Law, Krissy McCulloch has experienced first-hand the terrible effects of addiction on a family. She has a holistic approach to healing a family throughout the divorce process. She helped co-found the Mobile Lawyer Wellness Committee to shine a light on issues within her own industry. If you are struggling with addiction in your marriage or divorce – no matter from what angle – contact Empowered Family Law, P.C. today. We want to find the best solutions for your family. We will fight for you and help you find peace.

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